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Family Law

Divorce and separation, child arrangements, financial settlements, living together, domestic violence etc. We'll be there for you.

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Investment and securities, Trademarks, Copyrights and Intelectual Property, Trade regulations and Sanctions etc. We're see you through.

Drug Control Law

Product liability, Trafficking charges, side effects, scientific irregularities etc. We're here for you.

Insurance Law

Bad Faith Defense, Bankruptcy, Insurance, life and disability, financial claims, moneyback guarantees etc. We'll handle it.

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The AH & PARTNERS LAW FIRM LTD law firm has a strong historical tradition dating back to the mid 1900’s. This tradition includes several notable jurists who have been members of our ranks while also contributing to the development of the Italian Republic. Carter Ranieri has included among its numbers Notary Giuseppe Marongiu in Oristano, Senator of the Republic Giovanni Maria Nieddu, Magistrates Bernardino Piga and Francesco Coco (click HERE to see a video from the the Italian National Television RAI), and lawyers Coco Stefano, Adriana Ruggeri, and Maria Claudia Coco.
As our tradition has demonstrated and continues to demonstrate, we are not only practicing lawyers, but also persons of action who live by the law and for the law that we practice.
A key tenant of our law firm’s philosophy is to think creatively and ambitiously while remaining practical and concise in our work. Our deep-rooted tradition allows us to deliver innovative and pragmatic legal solutions and to forge strong client relationships, founded on integrity and on an uncompromising drive to deliver the highest quality legal services. Our firm continually strives to develop lasting relationships with each of our clients, and we continue to receive their praise for unparalleled client focus.

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